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Small Mammal Activity

The Cambridgeshire Mammal Group joined forces with the CRT to undertake research and training activities related to the small mammals on the farm recently. These are a crucial part of the biodiversity of the farmland, not only because they provide food for our iconic Barn Owls and other star species, but in their own right … Continue reading

Rare Fungus Found!

The very rare Orchard Tooth Fungus has been spotted at the CRT’s Awnells Farm, and we are very excited! The Orchard Tooth Fungus (Sarcodontia crocea) is a very rare fungus that is listed as “vulnerable” in the UK and is currently found at only 14 sites in Britain. This rare find has just been recorded … Continue reading

Butterfly Bonanza!

July is generally the peak time for butterflies in terms of diversity and quantities…the warm weather and abundance of wildflowers making it the optimum time to spot them. Sadly approximately 75% of British butterflies are in decline due to changes in their habitats. A worrying trend as the government and experts consider butterflies and moths … Continue reading

The CRT’s Herefordshire Farms

The CRT owns 2 farms in Herefordshire: Awnells and Turnastone Court, both of which are teeming with wildlife. At Awnells Farm, insects thrive in the organic orchard and form an important food source for the bird population nesting there (little owl, redstart, starling, great tit and blue tit). While the network of dense species-rich hedgerows … Continue reading

The Hungry Gap

Today may be the first official day of Spring and certainly in Cambridge it feels spring-like with the sun shining, and the countryside around us stirring into life, however it might surprise you to know that the coming month is historically one of the hardest for some our birds. Termed the ‘Hungry Gap’, it affects … Continue reading

Refurbishing our Reds Squirrel Enclosure

The Mayfields smallholding at Themelthorpe, in Norfolk is home to the CRT’s red squirrel breeding programme. Officially launched in January 2012 by David Stapleford, the enclosures required some refurbishing and CRT staff were delighted to be given the opportunity to be involved and help with this fantastic project. The enclosure itself is built around the … Continue reading