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The CRT celebrates receiving a grant for £2,000 from the Ridgeons Family Charity Fund to restore a meander loop in Bourn brook.

Approximately 30 years ago a ‘by-pass’ was added to the Bourn brook in Cambridgeshire as it was believed it would help the river flow. This has recently proved to be incorrect and instead increases flood risk downstream. The CRT was, awarded a grant for £2,000 from the Rigdeons Family Charity Fund to restore the meander … Continue reading

Barn owls at Awnells Farm

David Powell, the farmer at Awnells Farm in Herefordshire has found a barn owl pellet in the tractor barn in the last week. This is an exciting news because it is a sign that barn owls are present on the farm and maybe prospecting for nest sites.  Barn owl boxes are to be erected at Awnells once … Continue reading

Small Mammal Activity

The Cambridgeshire Mammal Group joined forces with the CRT to undertake research and training activities related to the small mammals on the farm recently. These are a crucial part of the biodiversity of the farmland, not only because they provide food for our iconic Barn Owls and other star species, but in their own right … Continue reading

Rare Fungus Found!

The very rare Orchard Tooth Fungus has been spotted at the CRT’s Awnells Farm, and we are very excited! The Orchard Tooth Fungus (Sarcodontia crocea) is a very rare fungus that is listed as “vulnerable” in the UK and is currently found at only 14 sites in Britain. This rare find has just been recorded … Continue reading

Butterfly Bonanza!

July is generally the peak time for butterflies in terms of diversity and quantities…the warm weather and abundance of wildflowers making it the optimum time to spot them. Sadly approximately 75% of British butterflies are in decline due to changes in their habitats. A worrying trend as the government and experts consider butterflies and moths … Continue reading