Great Yorkshire Experience

Just a week to go until the bikes and bags are packed for North Wales and the beginning of the sponsored ride and climb. It’s at this stage where I have to be balanced, keeping the muscles tuned while not over-exerting them. I’m no professional when it comes to this kind of thing so I hope common sense is all that’s needed.

The other Saturday I had a fantastic opportunity for training and to test my fitness. My brother-in-law was booked in to do the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride with a friend. The latter dropped out and so I was recruited to fill the gap. This ride was the first ever organised event I had been on with my own rider number- 2030 out of 2033, well set out refreshment breaks and lunch stops and a clearly marked route. This began in Whetherby and heads eastward to Filey heading through the Howardian Hills on the way to test the legs and lungs.

The plan had been to take it steady, enjoy the scenery and go at a leisurely pace over the 72 mile route. However the fun of being in a peleton got the better of us and we headed off at a pace 7 or 8 miles an hour faster than the average we had predicted. The wind was generally in our favour and any rain we had was welcomed to cool us down. 6 hours after leaving Whetherby we raced into Filey still at a fast pace after a great Yorkshire Experience and a reassurance that I was up for the challenge of the Purer National Three Peaks. I will need to slow down though if I’m to cycle and climb for 7 days.

Please see the sponsorship forms in the Lark which you’ll receive shortly or contact the CRT office (01223 262999) and support me on this adventure for the work of the Countryside Restoration Trust.


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