Weather or Not?

Last Thursday my cycling partner and I made the agonising decision to postpone the Purer Three Peaks Challenge until the 8th of September. Looking at the weather forecast during the week and what it is now, it’s difficult to know whether or not we made the right decision from a weather point of view. I’m optimistically hoping that September, the second week especially, is when we are going to have summer this year and our decision will be vindicated as we cycle and climb in mild dry weather. We’ll all have to wait and see if that is the case.

Thank you to all who have already made a commitment to sponsor me and I hope you will understand the reason for the postponement.

Well not wishing to waste the two month delay, and with much discipline I pulled myself away from watching the Tour de France today and got some walking in. It was fantastic to hear skylarks singing in the sunshine between the torrential downpours. In my job I get to speak to quite a few elderly people and I’m amazed at the number who talk about the sound of the skylark which they group up with but lament their decline today. Of course at Lark Rise there is a great upturn.

While thrilled to hear and see plenty of skylarks, I got a real surprise when I looked down into a wide water filled ditch to see a terrapin basking in the sun. Having returned home I have now identified it as a Red Eared Terrapin and also found out that in some parts of the country they are becoming a real menace. People buy them as pets when they are small and ‘cute’ but get bored or fed up with them when they grow and the demands of their care become too much. Apparently, in the ponds and lakes of Hampstead Heath they are thriving much to the annoyance of the local wardens. Are they the new grey squirrel? Anyway I phoned the RSPCA before I realised the extent to which released terrapins are a problem hoping they would rescue the abandoned animal. I’m not sure whether or not I did the right thing! Any comments?


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