Swift Summer

With the postponement of the challenge until September I have to admit that I have found it hard to motivate myself to keep training. This wasn’t helped by 6 weeks of battling with my asthma, something which doesn’t normally cause me a problem. Anyway, with some glimpses of the sun, even a prolonged dry spell I have been getting out to do a bit of walking, encouraged by the dog.
The dryer spell has allowed a local farmer to clear some fields of grass which would normally have been turned into small bale haylage for horses but this year had to go into large bales to allow them to catch up with the harvest. These cleared fields are full of insects and the other evening while out walking I was entertained by a large flock of excited swifts. I tried counting them, but have you ever tried that? These are birds who fly very fast, never choosing to land, even to sleep and dart around in what appears to be a random pattern in pursuit of their food. I am guessing that there were at least 30 possibly 40 of them. It was an amazing sight enhanced by the glowing red sky, which for any shepherd would have been a delight and which signalled another lovely morning the next day. I just hope that summer doesn’t disappear as swiftly as it has come and that good weather continues to encourage me to work on my walking. Only a month to go now and I’ll be doing it for real.


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