Down Hearted

I mentioned in my last blog a few problems I’d been having with my asthma. Well as part of the investigations conducted by my asthma nurse I had an ECG done which showed up to be abnormal. Having now been referred to a consultant cardiologist and had a further ECG I have been advised not to do anything too strenuous until further tests have been completed. The consultant agreed that cycling 500 miles and climbing 10,000 feet was on the strenuous side and so advised me not to proceed with the sponsored event.

As you can imagine, for someone who keeps themselves fit and is very active this has all come as a bit of a shock. It’s the last thing I expected and I’m hoping that all will work out well and that I’ll be given the all clear in a couple of months time.

In the meantime can I thank all of you who have already given or pledged sponsorship. You will be contacted by head office regarding this. I am grateful for your support and so sorry and disappointed not to be able to full-fill my commitment at this time.


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