Come on You Reds by CRT Chairman Robin Page

NH Apr06 003 smlWow, what a few days – a real white knuckle ride.
It was all going to be so simple. A fantastic idea to create a refuge on an island for red squirrels – where there are no greys to bully the reds or give them squirrel pox.
However it is easier said than done. Yes, those on Tresco Island in the Scillies were keen to help and David Mills at the British Wildlife Centre was very supportive. The CRT brought everything together including the Royal Naval Air Squadron for a squirrel helicopter ride from Culdrose – everything was ready. But this is Britain.
Have you heard the one about September being “the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”? Forget it – gales, torrential rain and appalling visibility – the helicopter was grounded, with the squirrels already boxed up (one to a box) ready to go.
What a stressful time for me, Lulu (Mrs Page) and the squirrels. Lulu and I had arrived shortly before all flying was cancelled to await the arrival of the squirrels. Sadly we waited and waited.
Finally they arrived a day late and what a relief. It was very emotional.
Then two days in their enclosure and release – it was wonderful. Happy squirrels. Happy people. But how will captive bred squirrels survive in the wild>? We will keep our fingers and toes crossed. If successful – and I do hope so – then how about red squirrels on Mull and the Isle of Man?


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